The Dynamics of Astral Projection | Control and Master Your Out of Body Experiences | Bob Bain’s Farside Paranormal Podcast


astraldynamicsRobert Bruce joined the Farside to give us in-depth knowledge about the power of Astral Projection.

When was Robert’s first experience with Astral Projection?

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Alien Encounters of Chad, and Alta Dillard: True Story of Alien Contact | Paranormal Radio


Tales of Alien Abductions on Radio, with evidence of alien implants.Chad, and Alta Dillard joined The Farside to discuss the multiple encounters they’ve had with “high strangeness”.

When did these encounters first begin?

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Grey Alien Agenda | The Hybridization of Human DNA with Alien Genetics | Paranormal Podcast


Grey Aliens: Nigel Kerner InterviewNigel Kerner joined The Farside to discuss the sinister plans of Grey Aliens — including the complete reengineering of Human DNA.

Why are Grey Aliens reengineering Human DNA?

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Pepie & Creatures of the World: Touching on Cryptozoology and Frauds | Wendigo | Bigfoot | Paranormal Podcast


Chad Lewis: Unexplained ResearcherChad Lewis joined the Farside to talk about the infamous cousin of the Loch Ness Monster, named Pepie. Pepie can be found in Lake Pepin and is part of the Mississippi River.

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Tales From the Graveside: Ghost Stories Podcast – Introduction


Tales from the GravesideA special Introduction and message from the Grave Keeper, host of our new podcast, Tales From the Graveside.

Ghost Stories Podcast

The Grave Keeper invites you to share your true and fictional ghost stories with us to be featured on an upcoming episode of our newest podcast series.

Remote Viewing: Understanding the Fundamentals of Remote Viewing – Paranormal Podcast


Edward Riordan studied Remote Viewing and is now helping others understand the fundamental principles of Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing Explorer, Edward Riordan, joined The Farside to discuss the process of Remote Viewing; how it began, and how he became involved with Remote

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is a perceptual skill that can be taught to nearly anyone with an interest and enough focus to initiate the inner power of their mind. [Read more...]

The Demon of Brownsville Road | A Pennsylvania Haunting with Bob Cranmer | America’s most Haunted Home | Paranormal Podcast


Bob Cranmer

Bob Cranmer Joined The Farside to talk about his unusual demonic haunting in Pennsylvania, on  3406 Brownsville Road.  Bob Cranmer’s encounter and his subsequent interview on The Farside: Paranormal Podcast, has generated a lot of media attention…and for a reason.

The Cranmer family home on 3406 Brownsville Road is now known as The Most Haunted House in America.

Join us as Bob shares his True Story of: The Demon of Brownsville Road.

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Afterlife Education of a Skeptic | A skeptic’s journey to establishing an understanding of Life After Death .


John S. Weiss joined the Farside  to discuss the events that would alter his perception of not only life, but also of life after death. In an extraordinary recount of these occurrences, John takes us on a journey where we encounter a spiritual entity in the middle of a war torn Iwo Jima.

What awaits us after death?

Life goes on.
Upon your death & time with family - during the transitioning period from your memorial service to burial - you will travel through the veil of frequencies that separates our physical layer from our second dimensional layer; this is what many describe as a bright tunnel of light, with loved ones on the other side waiting for them.

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Coast to Coast AM Former Host | Interview with Ian Punnett

Former Coast to Coast AM host Ian Punnett

Ian Punnett served as the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM for well over ten years.

The Punnett of Talk Radio

Ian Punnett – former coast to coast am host – sat down with us to discuss a myriad of topics including:

  • What’s he been up to since leaving Coast to Coast AM?
  • An update on his Tinnitus.
  • Art Bell.
  • What does he think of Art Bell and George Noory?
  • Comic Books.
  • Magic 8-ball underwear.
  • The Smiley Face Killers

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