Remote Viewing: What is Remote Viewing and What is the Training Like | Paranormal Podcast


Edward Riordan studied Remote Viewing and is now helping others understand the fundamental principles of Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing Explorer, Edward Riordan, joined The Farside to discuss the process of Remote Viewing; how it began, and how he became involved with Remote

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote Viewing is a perceptual skill that can be taught to nearly anyone with an interest and enough focus to initiate the inner power of their mind. [Read more...]

Demon of Brownsville Road | Paranormal / A Pennsylvania Haunting / Bob Cranmer


Bob Cranmer
Bob Cranmer Joins The Farside to talk about his unusual demonic haunting in Pennsylvania.

More Information to Come.

Book: The Demon of Brownsville Road
Website: Demon of Brownsville

Afterlife Education of a Skeptic | The Farside – Paranormal


John S. Weiss joined the Farside  to discuss the events that would alter his perception of not only life, but also of life after death. In an extraordinary recount of these occurrences, John takes us on a journey where we encounter a spiritual entity in the middle of a war torn Iwo Jima.

What awaits us after death?

Life goes on.
Upon your death & time with family - during the transitioning period from your memorial service to burial - you will travel through the veil of frequencies that separates our physical layer from our second dimensional layer; this is what many describe as a bright tunnel of light, with loved ones on the other side waiting for them.
This second dimension resides here with us in another – superimposed – dimensional layer.
The dead keep living their lives as though nothing happened.

Your memories will remain your memories but you will also be surrounded by the knowledge of all who have crossed over into this second dimension, that is otherwise known as Purgatory or a waiting room.

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Coast to Coast AM Former Host | Interview with Ian Punnett

Former Coast to Coast AM host Ian Punnett

Ian Punnett served as the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM for well over ten years.

The Punnett of Talk Radio

Ian Punnett – former coast to coast am host – sat down with us to discuss a myriad of topics including:

  • What’s he been up to since leaving Coast to Coast AM?
  • An update on his Tinnitus.
  • Art Bell.
  • What does he think of Art Bell and George Noory?
  • Comic Books.
  • Magic 8-ball underwear.
  • The Smiley Face Killers

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Fighting Malevolent Spirits | A Demonologist’s Darkest Encounters with Evil / Incubus & Succubus


Demonologist, Samantha Harris talks about her severe cases of Fighting Malevolent Spirits

Samantha Harris joined The Farside Paranormal Podcast for what was supposed to have been a live show on Friday evening. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the show did not air live as planned… however, the show still happened.

Topics touched on include:

  •  How did Samantha get involved with the paranormal?
  •  What is the Incubus  Succubus Entity?
  •  How does one study to fight Demonic entities?
  •  Shape shifting spiritual entities
  •  Sexual entities with genitals that can be felt
  •  Mimicking attributes of demonic beings
  •  Is the Slender man a demonic enitity?
  •  How does someone protect themselves from evil spirits?
  •  How do evil spirits become attached to the living?
  •  Plus more!

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Planet X with Andy Lloyd | Nibiru / Anunnaki / The Kuiper Belt


Does Planet X Exist?

On this edition of The Farside Paranormal Podcast, Bob Bain is joined by Planet X expert, Andy Lloyd. Andy Lloyd has been researching Planet X/Nibiru & The Dark Star theories for well over a decade.

He brings his knowledge over to The Farside of reality for an intriguing conversation.

A few topics we touched on include:

  •  A brief history of Planet-X.
  •  Who are the Anunnaki?
  •  Are the Anunnaki related to the Biblical Nephilim?
  •  Where is this elusive Planet X?
  •  What happens to the Earth upon the arrival of Planet X?

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Alien Abductions of the Astral Body | Timothy Good


How did Timothy Good become interested in Alien Life?

Tim’s interest in UFOs and Aliens began in 1955 when his cousin, Edmund C. Berkeley, introduced him to the concept of flying saucers [Read more...]

The Horsefly Chronicles : Portal of Demonic Entities


What would you do if a demonic entity followed you back to the earth as you reincarnated?

There are many who may lay claim to having inner demons.   What they mean by that is certainly not what Phil Siracusa means when he talks about the demonic entities in his life; entities that, as he claims, followed him from the dark, fiery pits of Hell, as his pleas of help were heard by God and Phil’s eternal soul was brought forth into a renewed life (Reincarnation). [Read more...]