• The Omniverse with Alfred Webre

    The Omniverse with Alfred Webre0

      Alfred Webre, known for his work in exopolitics, joined Bob on The Farside to discuss topics from his latest book, The Omniverse, which delves into transdimensional intelligence, time travel, teleportation, and the secret space program and colony on Mars. Exopolitics, he explained, is the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse (multiple

  • Ghost Buster Gals: Ghost Stories and More

    Ghost Buster Gals: Ghost Stories and More1

    Before the Ghostbusters were rebooted as an all woman team of paranormal “ghost busters”, starring Kirsten Wig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, there were already two ladies going around and performing real Ghost Busting duties; those gals are known as The Ghost Buster Gals. On Wednesday night, we were joined by the Ghost Buster Gals

  • Demonology Basics with Demonologist, Samantha Harris

    Demonology Basics with Demonologist, Samantha Harris3

    Demonologist, Samantha Harris joined the Farside to take the listener a bit further into the depths of what demonology is, and whether an individual can be deemed an official demonologist without being ordained by a religious organization such as Catholicism. Take a listen as Bob and Samantha discuss a couple of YouTube commenters who have